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I strive to create works of art that will bring a whole new level of precision and control to your golfing experience. I take a tremendous amount of pride in each detail of every product that I touch.

Two Talents is a small manufacturing and product development company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  By small I mean it's just me! I started as a mechanical designer and CNC Programmer / Machinist for science, research, and prototype companies. I have taken the skills that I have learned in my trade and use them to bring my own ideas to life.


Deciding to build my own company was an easy decision once I realized how many unique designs I could create. With the support of my wife of 13 years and motivated by our little girls, I consider myself blessed for the opportunity.

As a reminder that everything I have is a gift from God, I named my company "Two Talents" in reference to the parable in the bible. It is my highest priority that my business be built upon humility and love. 


I have fun designing and machining all sorts of random products, but I have found my main passion is golf products. I have long admired the craftsmanship of high end putters from a manufacturing point of view as well as a functional point of view. In pursuing my passion I hope to offer products you enjoy using as much as I enjoy creating.

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